Slow Bullets by Alastair Reynolds

Many thanks go to Net Galley and the publishers for allowing me to read review copies of these two books in exchange for honest reviews. Sorry it took a while to read them!

In helping me clear my backlog of Net Galley books, I am beginning a period of time when I will read only Net Galley books which will go on for a while, I feel! I was going to do this as a double review but then I changed my mind about just what book I wanted to read next.

Slow Bullets is a novella of just under 200 pages but it speaks of an epic story in the making. It tells the story from the point of view of Scur, a soldier from one side of a war that has just ended. When she wakes on board a prison ship with little memory of how she got there, Scur begins a mission of personal revenge against one man who tried to kill her in a slow, agonising way. Along the way, several complications arise as the passengers and crew realise that they have no way of knowing where, or even when, they are...

This was a very good, well crafted story about one woman's grudge against a frankly horrible man. I really enjoyed the contact they had with each other which lead to a few, unfortunately unanswered, questions about Scur and who she really is. However, the plot moves along at a nice pace and the characters are well formed.

On the negative side, I think this story could have been more fully explored in a bigger tome, as some aspects seemed to be too brief or unexplained. However, this is a minor personal point and the book as a whole is well worth a read!

Star rating: 4/5