Miss Christie Regrets by Guy Fraser-Sampson

Many thanks go to Guy Fraser-Sampson and the good people at urbane for inviting me to read this advanced readers copy of Miss Christie Regrets.

Last year, I had the good fortune to request a copy of Death In Profile by the same author and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially as I had just got into reading Golden age crime novels. So, when he wrote and asked if I would like to be considered to read the sequel, I jumped at the chance.

As with Death In Profile, Miss Christie Regrets follows the murder investigation team at Hampstead police station. An old man is found murdered in his apartment in a trust run property. The front door had been left unmanned and open, while none of the staff or visitors saw or heard anything. It's up to Bob Metcalfe, Simon Collison and the rest of the team to solve this, and a 70 year old murder which might have a connection.

The plot is really good. The author has pushed the investigator team into many dead ends and red herrings that it seems unlikely that they will solve the cases, both of which appear to be challenging to begin with. However, I really loved the way they got to the end. Sometimes, the simplest murders are the hardest to solve, especially in detective fiction. As for the writing, it helps the story along beautifully, even the odd moment of humour thrown in to break up the tension at the right moments. The characters are really engaging and I took an instant dislike to one of the suspects. On a very positive note, I found it to be a tough but to crack. I love trying to solve the mystery before the police or detectives, but I failed here!

Overall, a good plot, excellent twists and blocks, and fantastic characters all wonderfully produced in a tale Miss Christie would be proud to be involved with.

Star rating: 4 from 5

Miss Christie Regrets will be published on 12th January 2017