Another Murder Double Bill

My thanks go to NetGalley and the publishers, Grand Central Publishing and Poisoned Pen Press, for allowing me to read these two books in exchange for an honest review.

Another murder double bill? You better believe it! The problem with reviewing these sort of books individually is simply that I read too much! Right now I'm only reviewing my NetGalley books, because I have quite a few of them left to read and, as I read so much, reviewing every book would eat into my valuable reading time. That said, I am very happy to bring you this double feature of British murder mysteries, one modern, on another British Library Crime Classic.

Death Of A Ghost by M.C. Beaton

This is the latest book in the Hamish Macbeth series by M.C. Beaton. You may have read my previous review of Death Of A Nurse which you will know I enjoyed. I was very keen to try more of Beaton's books, and when the opportunity arose, I jumped at it.

When investigating claims of a ghost in a castle, Macbeth and his colleague, Charlie, literally fall into a crime scene when they discover the body of a well-known professor. Hamish and Charlie investigate and suspect smugglers. But when a band of smugglers is arrested, other murders happen. And all is not always as it seems with the people they meet...

I thoroughly enjoyed the murder mystery aspect of this story. It was full of twists and pot holes, and double backing, but it did have one of the hardest endings to follow. The last 20 pages or so is an epilogue which, quite frankly, is so far removed from the rest of the novel, it made no sense apart from to show one of the other policemen in a very bad light. It was so strange that it really affected my feeling for the book.

On the whole, however, it is a well written story, the characters engaging, and it is really quite funny in places. It reads like a TV episode, that's for sure. But the epilogue? Not necessary.

Star rating: 3 from 5 (would have been 4!)

This book will be published on 21st February 2017

Crimson Snow edited by Martin Edwards

Originally, I planned to read a different crime novel, but given the season, I  chose to read this collection of short crime mysteries all based around the Christmas period or with a seasonal theme.

The stories in this collection are written by very different crime writers in very different styles, and each taxes the brain accordingly. It may sound like a strange collection to read to get into the holiday spirit, but it was what was needed for me, surrounded by the snow in Moscow.

As with all short story collections, some are better than others, but all in all I loved this chance to get to know some writers I hadn't read before.

Star rating: 4 from 5

This book will be released on 3rd January 2017


  1. One would wonder why an author would add an epilogue that is confusing rather then enlighting.

    Thnaks for sharing your thougth :-)

    1. I totally agree, but it was just so unnecessary. Just a bit of an additional sub plot which must have been going on for many books but held no obvious value.


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