DCI Erika Foster Double Feature

Here is the first of two double features, both including NetGalley and non-NetGalley books by the same author. This time it's the turn of Robert Bryndza's Erika Foster detective novels The Night Stalker and Dark Water.

The Night Stalker

Having really enjoyed th first book in this series, The Girl In The Ice, and having been granted book 3 on NetGalley as well, I bought the second book full of expectations. I was not disappointed!

Erika Foster is now settled with the Murder Investigation Team in Lewisham Row. It's been two years since the death of her Husband Mark and she is almost ready to move on with her life. However, there is a murder to solve and a promotion up for grabs. When the murderer kills again, Erika is one of only a handful of people to suspect that the murders are linked.

As in the first book, there are many twists which were unexpected, but also some which were a little predictable. I liked the unusual nature of the murderer, one which I hadn't come across before, but it was quite easy to guess who the killer was we first came across the character.

All in all, the plot is strong, the characters again well formed and you can easily feel for Erika with all her problems. Needed to be less predictable. The first book did that much better, but this was still it's equal in every other way.

Star rating: 3 from 5

Dark Water

Many thanks go to the publisher and NetGalley for granting me an advance readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Coming straight out of The Night Stalker, I decided to dive into Dark Water, the third book in this series. I already had a great understanding of the writer's style and his characters. Would this book be as good as the previous two? I was about to find out.

This was probably the best book in the series so far. It was much less predictable than the others while keeping the tension high. Again, the characters are superbly written and some really got to me, making me very angry in one case. This, for me, is a good thing!

Erika, having transferred to a new position in a new team finds evidence needed to close her case against a drug dealer, and at the same time finds a body which opens up an old case and many old wounds for her and her team. This time, solving it will be Erika's greatest challenge, one that will put the lives of those she loves at great risk.

Overall, this book had me on the edge of my seat, reading most of it in one day. I couldn't put it down, which is why I gave this book:

Star rating: 5 from 5

This book will be published on 20th October 2016