The Sellout by Paul Beatty

Many thanks go to NetGalley and the publisher for granting me access to a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Nowadays, many anti-race movements, such as Black Lives Matter, are huge news. Everyone seems to either be totally in favour of what they are doing, others are very much against it. My view is simple...ALL lives matter. If that makes me a racist, fine, but, as Spock would say, that's illogical. The Sellout is one of those books that BLM will both love and hate.

As we read it, we follow the life of our narrator, a black man with a mission to restore his city's name to the maps. However, whatever he tried to do to help his community, from saving a man from suicide to improving the local kids grades at school, he seems to take his world slavery and segregation.

The book is well written, easily readable and the satire shines through. The characters are vibrant and sometimes hilarious. I really did like this book, once I got into it, after about 100 pages the plot picks up enough to make this a truly enjoyable read.

Star rating: 4 from 5