Murder Underground by Mavis Doriel Hay

Many thanks yet again go to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for granting me an advance readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I do like a good murder mystery. They set my little grey cells, as Poirot would say, working hard at solving the crime, trying to beat the detective. However, not all books are like that. They can be more simplistic, even giving away the murderer within the first few pages sometimes. Murder Underground was between the two which made it quite an enjoyable read.

A horrible woman is found dead on the steps down to an underground station in London. The boyfriend of the maid in the hotel/boarding house where the old lady lived has been arrested, but is presumed innocent. The police have their eyes on the rest of the boarders who seem to be hiding some information, as well as the old woman's nephew and niece. With the police seemingly on the wrong track, the tenants gradually unravel the case before the police have any idea who the murderer truly is.

I enjoyed the writing style. It is typical of the golden age, when Agatha Christie was at her peak. The plot is good too, but the characters are all a bit exaggerated in my opinion. I also guessed who the murderer was quite early...not through something they said but by their general attitude to the crime. However, that shouldn't put you off what is a pleasant read. It is a shame Hay only wrote three novels because I would like to read more of her books in the future. As a light read, this one at least was a pleasure to indulge myself in.

Star rating: 3 from 5

This edition is due to be published on 1st November 2016