Reindeer People Duology by Megan Lindholm

A lot of people don't realise that Robin Hobb, the famous fantasy writer, wrote books under another pen name. Her writing as Megan Lindholm is very different in its style and content, but is equally as good to read. Her Reindeer People duology is a very well written pair of books which i read in 4 days.

The Reindeer People

In this well crafted first part, we are introduced to the main characters and their problems. Tillu has run from one group, with her strange son in tow, followed by the shamanand are camping in a clearing in a forest in the sub-arctic. Here they meet Heckram and his semi-nomadic group of reindeer herders which includes Joboam, a truly nasty human being. Tillu has to decide whether to join the group as their healer, or live alone with her son in the wilderness.

Wolf's Brother

The sequel to The Reindeer People sees Heckram and Tillu facing many struggles amongst the herdfolk, solving a murder, healing the dying and trying to save Tillu's son from the shaman. The plot can only lead one way, towards a confrontation that will endanger all their lives.

The books are easy to read and not excessively long...only around 620 pages. The characters are complex but relatable in their ways and feelings and the plot races along like a run away reindeer. The storyline itself is not my usual taste, but I thoroughly enjoyed this mini series!

Star ratings:
The Reindeer People - 4 from 5
Wolf's Brother - 3.5 from 5