Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

Those of you who have been reading my blog regularly over the last year will know that I recently discovered the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. This was a truly wonderful discovery and I can't believe I waited this long before opening Stone of Tears, the second book in this epic fantasy series.

I really enjoyed this book. It has a lot of action, magic, danger, a little love, some comedy and heartache, as well as dragons, gars and a hell of a lot more! The story follows swiftly on from Wizards First Rule, the first book in the series, with Darken Rahl defeated. However, things are not as they seem. The Stone of Tears has entered the world which is a sign that the veil had been torn and the Keeper is close to breaking free. It's up to Richard and Kahlan, yet again, to try to save the world before it's too late.

The plot is excellent, the characters developing nicely, and I love the writing style. This is no small book. The kindle version is 1014 pages long, but those pages fly past once you get into the story. I admit there were moments in the first half of the book where I though "how much further to go?", but they were few and far between with the "do I have time for another chapter?" parts being much more prominent. I must have driven my wife crazy but I tried very hard not to give her any spoilers...something I am prone to doing normally!

All in all, I really loved Stone of Tears. You need to read Wizards First Rule first, but it is worth it!

Star rating: 5 from 5