Brazilian Sketches by Rudyard Kipling

My thanks go to Net Galley and the publisher, Canelo, for sending me an advance readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was a pleasant surprise to find! I loved The Jungle Book when I was a child so to have to chance to read some of Kipling's travelogues was an amazing opportunity. South America is also a bit of a mystery to me so it was really great to read this collection of travel essays which he wrote for the newspapers of the UK and the US.

Firstly, the writing style is so typical of the period he was writing in, with some amazingly descriptive passages which allow the reader to feel like he is riding along with the writer. The basic premise is that Kipling has been sent to Brazil for his health, and while there he travelled a lot around the country, especially around Sao Paulo and the final chapter based mostly in Rio.

I would have liked this book to much longer (it's under 100 pages), including some voyages up the Amazon, which was billed in the blurb but didn't materialise in the book itself. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and would read it again.

Star rating: 4.5 from 5
This book will be released on July 18th 2016