Spanky by Christopher Fowler

Huge thanks go to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this review copy in exchange for an honest review,

If you have been regularly reading my blog posts, or if you read them back now, you will know that I have become a fan of Christopher Fowler's Bryant and May series. This week, I decided to try something different by the author. Recently, Transworld Publishers rereleased some of his back catalogue, including the intriguingly named Spanky.

Spanky is not a detective story, like the Bryant and May books. In fact, it is a fantasy novel set in London in the 1980s, from what I could tell. It tells the tale of Martyn Ross, a man with a dead end job, no relationship to speak of, and his life is going nowhere fast. Then, one evening he meets the enigmatic Spanky who claims to be able to change Martyn's life around so much that he won't recognise himself. Spanky is, in fact,  daemon. He doesn't want Martyn' s soul, something he claims very, very few people possess. He just wants to help. However, all is not clear cut because he does want something, and when Martyn discovers just what his price his, this thriller becomes electrifying!

I loved this book. The plot is easy to follow, it is wonderfully written and leaves the reader wanting more and more. The characters are brilliant. Spanky himself oozes charm and sophistication, along with a hint of devilment. Martin is your typical loser at the start and develops hugely as the story rolls towards the inevitable crescendo of an ending. Even the supporting cast of bad bosses, desperate actresses and models, as well as Martyn's family are great to read about and, I must confess, I want to know more! There is even a touch of dark comedy about the story, very much like Neil Bauman in that regard.

In conclusion, this is a brilliant fantasy thriller with many perfect twists and turns. If Christopher Fowler reads this, please can we have a sequel???

Star rating: 5 from 5