The Dragon Round by Stephen S. Power

Huge thanks go to the publisher and NetGalley for sending me an advance readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Quite recently, I was introduced to the world of using dragons in warfare through Naomi Novik's Temeraire. That was a book which I thoroughly enjoyed and so, given the opportunity, I took another dive into this genre with The Dragon Round, billed as being for fans of Novik and George R. R. Martin. I was intrigued.

The book began fairly positively, and I did enjoy reading it, but things changed about halfway through. I was also quite disappointed by the ending, although it has been left open to a sequel, which is good. The plot is actually quite similar to The Count of Monte Cristo, but with dragons as a means of revenge. The main character is quite robust and hardy, likeable as well, but a bit two dimensional. The supporting cast are likewise a little flat, with the exception of the dragon.

This book had positives though. The quality of the writing, even though the style wasn't my usual cup of tea, was, in places, phenomenal. With a bit more time and a lot more work, I believe this story could be even better. It has the makings of a tv show or a movie, if they flesh out the characters and the ending a bit more.

Star rating: 3 from 5

The Dragon Round will be published on 19th July 2016