Typewriter in the Sky by L. Ron Hubbard

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Another new writer for me. L. Ron Hubbard has been floating in my periphery for years, but I had never picked him up and tried him out. When the chance came to read him, I decided the time was right, so I dived head first into the unknown with Typewriter in the Sky...

Oh dear...I didn't enjoy the story very much, although it did have it's good moments. Admittedly, the pace of the story was electric - I read it very quickly as a result - but I got bored quite easily with it. The book tells the story of Mike de Wolf, a musician trying to make his name. He is friends with a writer, who we see very little of in the story, but when they have a disagreement, the writer makes Mike the villain in his new novel...and he ALWAYS kills his villains! Make, realising that he is stuck in this bad novel, tries everything in his power to change the plot to keep himself alive for as long as possible. On paper, it sounds very interesting, but it didn't feel that way to me.

On the positive side, I did enjoy Hubbard's writing style. It made the story flow, and helped to improve the rating. The character of Mike is well thought-out as well, despite the bad story. It has made me more interested in reading more by Hubbard, but I think I will leave it for a while! Another positive was the introduction by Kevin. J. Anderson, famous for his Star Wars novels. This was a good addition to the book as it showed his thoughts on the book as well, his positive views.

Star rating: 3 from 5 - a bad story well written!