The Early Science Fiction of Philip K Dick Volume 2 by Philip K Dick

I was given an advance readers copy of this book through Net Galley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I'd only read one book by Philip K Dick before, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which was the basis for the movie Blade Runner. I remember enjoying that so when the opportunity to read some of his early short stories, I jumped at the chance.

This collection of short stories were all written in the space of a year in the mid 1950s. They are very much a mixed bunch, and the only connection between them in this anthology is when they were first published.

I can't say that I loved this collection. Some of the stories were really fantastic and swept me off my feet, as I would expect from well written sci-fi, but others really had to drag me through to the other end. I guess that is a problem with all short story collections because they have to appeal to a lot of different people to hit the biggest audience possible.

Very much on a positive note, I got the same vibe from the differences in styles used as those of H.P. Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman, and I would recommend them for people who enjoy both of these writers shorter works. Also, the morals in the stories are well defined, and it is clear that Dick knew how to write this kind of fiction more.

My favourite story was called The Adjustment Team, which was the inspiration behind the movie The Adjustment Bureau. Having never seen the movie, this story really was quite interesting for me. My least favourite was a long story called Upon the Dull Earth. I'm sorry to say that DULL was the right word to describe it! Not my cup of tea at all!

Overall, I did enjoy reading the collection, but it is nothing to write home about.

Star rating: 3 from 5 - some good, some bad