Monstrous Little Voices: New Tales From Shakespeare's Fantasy World

Kind thanks to the publisher, Rebellion Publishing, who sent me an advance readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Monstrous Little Voices is a collection of short stories, heavily connected through character and plot, written by five modern day fantasy writers. The plot is quite complex, involving many characters from William Shakespeare's plays, including Oberon and Puck, Titania and Helena, Miranda and many more. The writers are Jonathan Barnes, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Emma Newman, Foz Meadows and Kate Heartfield.

Having not read a lot of Shakespeare plays, I didn't have any idea what to expect from this book. What I found was a world of wonders, a world created for the joining of many, many worlds previously created by the Bard. The few characters that I knew from my previous readings were developed wonderfully well, the joins were seamless, and the plot was cunningly crafted. I imagine it must be difficult for two writers to work together on a new piece of fiction, but five working with well established characters must be immensely more challenging. My congratulations go out to all the writers, none of whom I have read before, but I will certainly try to read more by them in the future.

I really enjoyed this book, although I didn't at first fully appreciate it for what it is. Some parts of the story early on lost me, until I realised that all the parts were interconnected somehow, leading to one goal. I particularly enjoyed the last 3 parts more than the rest as I was able to see more the joining of the worlds.

Star rating: 4 from 5 - almost perfect tribute to the worlds greatest writer.



  1. I loved this book - like you I hadn't realised that all the stories would connect when I started reading.
    Lynn :D


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