The End of the Year Review 2015

This has been a very productive year for reading. Despite only a handful of reviews, I have read well over 100 books, over 40,000 pages and introduced myself to some amazing authors. Below are the details of my books from 2015, up to 27th December. Currently, I am re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which I have not included in the information on the page.

I'd also be interested to know about your year. What were the highlights and low points?

Books read: 126
Pages read: 43,069
Longest book: Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb (912)
Shortest book: The Egg by Andy Weir (4)
Average No. pages: 353

My highlight has been continuing my epic journey through the fantasy worlds of Robin Hobb, Ben Aaronovitch's London, and Joe Abercrombie, as well as seeing my wife's short story selling on Amazon.

The biggest disappointment has to be The Elven by Bernard Hennan. For me, it was just too bizarre that the best parts of the story were put into a singe, summed up chapter, and the worst parts had the rest of the book. It bored me to tears!

Books read, in order, according to GoodReads: