Murder Of A Lady by Anthony Wynne

Thanks yet again to Poisoned Pen Press for this advance readers copy. As always, I will give an hnest review in return for their kindness.

Golden age crime stories really are fantastic. They are fairly light reads, and yet the story will keep you engaged all the way through. This book was no exception to that rule. Full of light humour, cranky policemen, and one smart amateur detective, this story had me wrapped around it's finger from the first page.

After the obvious, brutal murder of the Laird's sister in a room locked from the inside with the windows closed as well and no other obvious escape route, Dr Hailey is called in to assist in solving the mystery. After attempted suicides, devious plot twists and some pretty horrible personalities once you get to know them, the story concludes in incredibly dramatic style and with such a twist that I truly never saw coming. At one point, I did suspect the eventual murderer, but I had no idea how it was done until the final chapter.

This story is very typical of those of the era of Agatha Christie et al., and I really did enjoy it. Locked room mysteries are something I have not really read before, but after this, I may well try to find some more!

Star rating: 4 from 5 - chilling murders, but clever characters



  1. I like crime/detective genre and this sounds interesting.
    Since you rated it 4/5 I will add this to my 'to read' list.
    When is it available?


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