Murder at the Manor - edited by Martin Edwards

My thanks yet again to Poisoned Pen Press for sending me an advance readers' copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I think I am indebted to you in a way words cannot express!

Another fantastic anthology of mysterious murders! I have, in my previous few posts, reviewed some British Library Crime Classics, courtesy of Poisoned Pen Press. This, I think, has been the best so far!

The usual suspects have been gathered together in the Manor, or, at least in this single volume. I don't think I can find fault with any of them. Each, in it's own way, has been cleverly pieced together in these short stories. Some were quite frightening, some amusing, others so baffling in their conclusions that they ended up making perfect sense all along and they make us, the reader, feel kind of stupid for not realising all along who the murderer truly is.

Writers in this collection include G. K. Chesterton, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Anthony Berkeley, Nicho­las Blake and J. J. Bell. All are worth reading and I cannot recommend this volume enough. If you love golden age crime, this is a must for any collection!

Star rating: 5 from 5 - more police puzzling, detective deducing murder mysteries than you can shake a stick at!


  1. I am currently reading another in this series....Thirteen Guests by J Jefferson Farjeon which is also worth reading if you get the chance.


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