Choose Your Own Misery: The Office Adventure by Mike MacDonald & Jilly Gagnon

Having received a review copy from the publisher, Diversion Books, I decided to Choose My Own Misery for the day.

My first reaction to this Choose Your Own…book was one of melancholy. It reminded me of my youth when I used to play the fantasy version of this. I used to really enjoy doing it so it was great to find one for adults, and it was incredibly funny in places. In total, I chose my own misery 5 times, with alarmingly different results, usually ending up with a bottle of alcohol at the end of the story, apart from the last time.

I would say that this book would make an ideal gift for an adult man, especially one who works in an office and enjoys a drink. It is just a pity that it is released after Christmas instead of before it, otherwise I think I know what I would have bought my father!

It would be interesting to try all possible combinations, and I will keep trying new combinations to see what could happen. But I want to keep reading other books, so it will be an occasional dip back into it.

Star rating: 3 from 5 - not a miserable choice, quite a good book to pass the time.