Luck of the Wheels by Megan Lindholm, AKA Robin Hobb

What a brilliant way for the series to finish! I seriously loved this book. The only annoyance was having to put it down for work. I wish the series could have been bigger, but everything has to end sooner or later.

As with the other books in the Ki and Vandian/Windsingers series, this book follows Ki and Vandian as they go about their not-so-ordinary lives, following on fairly swiftly from the events in The Limbreth Gate. Having replaced Ki's wagon with one more suitable for people than cargo, the two heroes of the series take on a passenger, who is not all he seems, and are then joined by a girl who hates him with a passion. The delicate balance of Ki's life seems to be shattered by this temporary interuption to their lives.

Goat and Willow are the most annoying teenagers you can possibly imagine, and the wishful-thinking of something bad happening to them is quite shameful to admit, but I did enjoy their very different characters. I almost hoped that Ki and Vandian would just throw them out of the wagon, but I knew their feeling were more likely to kill them!
The other point, probably the more satisfying one, is that the unmentioned love between the two characters finally comes to a head, especially when a choice had to be made whether they should live or die.

The power in these books, for me, is not as strong as that in Robin Hobb's books, but they are mightily enjoyable none-the-less. Finally, in Luck of the Wheels, we see what the future bestseller was really made of. This book had a lot of positives, and the negatives were so slight they really aren't worth mentioning now. They are different from other fantasy books, but who cares? They are wonderful, funny, emotional and quirky. If you don't try the series at least once, you really are missing out.

Star rating: 5 from 5 - a fitting conclusion to a wonderful series