Atlas of Cursed Places by Olivier Le Carrer

I was given a review copy of this book by the publisher, Black Dog and Leventhal, in return for an honest review.

The full title of this book is Atlas of Cursed Places: A Travel Guide to Dangerous and Frightful Destinations. It tries to describe a number of places which have some form of mystery or shocking history about them, as well as some places with natural features which are seen as dangerous. Throughout this book are a series of beautiful, old maps and some illustrations of navigational reference.

However, the book leaves me wondering why there was so little information about some things. In my opinion, it gives a very brief outline of the situations and occasionally some speculation, but it just isn't enough for the curious of mind. Also, the title isn't very accurate. Places like Nuremberg, Germany have a bad history, but it doesn't mean they are "cursed". On top of this, it isn't exactly a travel guide either. It only talks about what happened in general and barely describes the places, with one or two exceptions.

On the plus side, the maps truly are beautiful, and very colourful. I suppose that, for an introduction to the mysteries it is also fairly good, but if you know something about the places, it is just a bit...boring, to be honest. 

I wish I could say more positive things about this book. As a concept it is great, but in its execution it is lacking something.

Star rating: 3 from 5 - interesting, but not enough.

Atlas of Cursed Places: A Travel Guide to Dangerous and Frightful  Destinations

You can find out more information about this book by following this link: The information is in French, so for an English version, see here: