Field of Mars: Complete Edition by David Rollins

I was given a review copy of this book through in return for an honest review.

Expected publication: October 8th 2015 by Momentum (Pan Macmillan)

David Rollins has written a very readable novel about a Roman army going to war with the Parthians and the aftermath for the remaining soldiers. Introduced by Appias, a Roman historian and one of the characters, the story tells of how he got to where he is now. A whole plethora of Centurions, Legates, and Legionaries help to make the story flow, seeing them through the eyes of the historian looking back on his life.

The characters are intriguing, the plot is easy to follow and the writing flows wonderfully. I would recommend this book to fans of Conn Iggulden and anyone with an interest in ancient civilisations. I, for one, am looking forward to a sequel!

Star rating: 4 from 5 - an excellent read

This is my first review and, if this book is anything to go by, I shall look forward to many more in the future.


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